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Three hour life drawing, soft pastel

I am a mostly self-taught* artist with a studio in my garage in Seattle WA

In the Fall of 2012 I made the commitment to take a leap (quit my job) and focus my efforts entirely on oil painting. Previously, my working background includes building exhibits in zoos and aquariums, where I welded, sculpted and painted naturalistic formations. I was a tattoo artist for many years as well.

The images on my website are mostly commissions I’ve painted for private collectors and businesses in 2012-2014. Certain aspects of painting these commissioned works have really compelled me. They’ve led me to make some of my own work that explores, for instance, light: abstracting and glaring, artificial or natural, which, in turn, is acting to expand my ideas and beliefs about the appearance of the real. This is an exciting time for me — and my work.

Thanks for taking a look,

Contact: deborah.faas@gmail.com
* About 10 years ago I had a painting apprenticeship with Francesca Sundsten. She taught me a tremendous amount over 9 months.



2 thoughts on “about

  1. Hello! I LOVE your work. I was referred to you by Rachel Maxi because I wanted to see about having a painting of Steve McQueen commissioned.

    Thank you!!!

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